Some of the things I can talk about with you are:

  • Relationships, marriage, divorce and reconciliation

  • Depression - including postnatal and menopause

  • Trauma and all forms of anxiety

  • Infertility issues and pregnancy: Mothers and babies

  • Parenting

  • ...and of course many other issues that worry people

Psychotherapy may seem like an unfamiliar word to many people, but it is simply a method of talk therapy which tries to look at thoughts, and feelings, that you may not be aware of. I call it the “unconscious”, the deep down stuff that tends to get us into trouble. Therapy is a process to help resolve complex problems, which may have originated in childhood or later, when a trauma of some type, occurred. You begin to take a gentle challenging look at yourself and your behaviors. A clearer picture of who you are may develop and hence ,a greater insight about what you want from life, a type of wisdom. Sometimes when the going gets tough people may want to leave therapy. Generally, this is just when they should continue to stay. A process that doesn’t involve some pain is not within the context of psychotherapy what some people call the the "there there " technique.

One cannot predict how long therapy may take. Some people come for one or a few sessions, and others for six months or some years. We decide together, but usually, I suggest an open-ended time agreement, which allows you to leave when you feel you are ready. Then, you are not put under the pressure of a set time. Sometime people like to come more than once a week, which provides more continuity and can result in a faster process.

“To be a good enough parent and a good enough child is very challenging”.

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